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Is a graduate scheme right for me?

Last updated 1-Aug-16 17:23


Why applying for a Graduate Scheme is essential to starting your career


Everyone looks forward to their graduation day. All those years of studying and cramming finally pays off, but after the certificates are given out and the graduation caps fly into the air, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with the thought of ‘what’s next?’.


As a graduate you know you have a lot to offer, and you know you want to work but a standard 9-5 job is not what you’re looking for. So what about considering a graduate scheme instead?


Graduate schemes separate the wheat from the chaff, with a fair multistage application process. The schemes test and look for key competencies and skill sets. Graduate schemes offer structured development and training opportunities as well as networking opportunities to meet other like-minded peers.


However graduate schemes aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies.


The FUSE Graduate Programme aims to bridge the gap between SMEs and graduate schemes.


FUSE is a new pioneering Nottinghamshire citywide graduate scheme that aims to put your skills to the test, by matching the right people to the right job.


The FUSE Graduate Scheme has a fair selection process, with initial application screening; video interviews, an assessment center and interview stages. If you are successful, you will be offered an opportunity to try something other than the usual 9-5.  


FUSE offers a variety of vacancies in different sectors. If you limit yourself to only applying to one FUSE vacancy, you’ll limit your chances of success – and might miss out on finding a job better suited to you.


In an SME you won’t just be another cog in the machine, the work you do will have immediate and tangible impact on the company.


Fuse and the hiring businesses will offer training, support and development for the first 6 months. FUSE also offers a networking launch event to meet other graduates in the city region. As a graduate scheme FUSE aims to offer the best of both worlds, the agility and exposure of a SME and the structure and training of a graduate scheme.


So have you got what it takes? Are you driven business focused, professional and able to work well in a team?


If you said yes, then you’ll be perfect for the FUSE graduate scheme! Click here to find out more.

- @fusegraduate

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