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Why Work for an SME?

Last updated 29-Jul-16 12:30

Does the size of a company affect your decision process when applying for jobs?

With SMEs representing the fastest growing sector of the UK economy, many graduates are starting to see the appeals of working in a smaller business straight out of University.

Many graduates want to dive into jobs that have far greater opportunities to carry out responsibilities past their job description. SMEs are a great place to start building a career, there is often the misconception that SMEs only deal with minor local businesses, but this is far from the truth.

SMEs are dynamic, fast paced and demanding places to work. They offer opportunities and a wide range of experience for graduates, and is great for those who can take responsibility and ownership of their roles. The working culture is often more relaxed and informal, with a unified team culture being key to an SME’s success.

The best thing about working for an SME is the job satisfaction you get from seeing the fruits of your labour. “You're not some small anonymous cog in a massive process, everyone will know you by name, and it is up to make the most of that opportunity.” According to a manager in an SME.

You're exposed to most senior people in the organisation, will be able to influence and deliver on a range of projects and ultimately see things through from inception to completion, which is immensely satisfying and rewarding.

According to an SME employee “you get a lot of responsibility from the get go and so it is both challenging and rewarding. There will be times when you have to make important decisions and so you need to have passion and drive for what you do. However, it is good fun working for SMEs as you get to know your workmates very well. You work in a close-knit team and get involved in all aspects of the business.”

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